The ABCs of Medicine

For Overachieving Babies and Overworked Healthcare Professionals.

C is for Checklist

Join Doctor Dog and Patient Penguin in a delightfully dry tour of the hospital.
Written by doctors around the country, The ABCs of Medicine is the snarkiest alphabet book yet.

Featuring 30+ full page illustrations from delayed gratification to eXtracorporeal membrane oxygenation. 


For Medical Experts, and Some Babies

Parents, doctors, nurses, and therapists all love this book.

Full of inside jokes for the grown ups and cute animals for the kiddos.


Doctor Dog does her best work yet, plus...


Encounter unforgettable divas like Surgeon Stingray, Nurse Shark, and Administrator Anaconda. And of course, Malpractice Lawyer Lion is on the hunt for business.

Join the cast of characters that make the hospital feel like family!

A Sneak Peak

Delightfully dry humor for the grownups.

Cute and funny animals for the kiddos.

Give the gift of practical knowledge!

30+ full color pages of illustrations featuring the full medical team!

Navigate unexpected challenges in the hospital.

Real talk from doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this an actual book?

A: Yes. Check it out on Amazon!


Q: I work in the medical field. Will I enjoy this book?

A: Of course! You will shed tears (hopefully of laughter). You can read it to friends and family to explain your life in the hospital. It’s a perfect conversation starter in the wards, clinic, and operating rooms. Adults especially appreciate the dry humor and satirical illustrations.


Q: Will my child learn about medicine?
A: Depends…how good is your child at memorization? JK. Kiddos love the adorable animals and funny hospital encounters. The engaging characters and illustrations help introduce concepts in medicine, and make the hospital a friendlier place.


Q: Will my child become a successful doctor as a result of this book?

A: Absolutely! However, this book won’t replace 10+ years of training to become a doctor (sorry!).


Q: Will you guarantee my child a job working in the hospital?

A: Yes. Sure. Why not. Please reach out once your child is board certified.


Get Started Early

The ABCs of Medicine is a perfect gift!

*Baby Shower* – Graduate from Pre-K to Pre-Med.

*Holiday gift* – Every health care professional could use a good deep belly laugh

*Textbook* for college, nursing, therapist, and medical students – Rounds out a medical textbook collection…and it’s cheaper than a stethoscope!


“This book is a gift to modern medicine – on par with the discovery of hand washing.”

“I bought a coffee table, just so I could have a place to showcase this marvel.”

“Performing a spoken word rendition of the ABCs of Medicine is like giving free food in the hospital. I feel like the most attractive person in the hospital.”

“My kid was struggling with the alphabet. Now, the munchkin won’t stop discussing the benefits and risks of eXtracorporeal membrane oxygenation.”


“You cannot find a better blend of pre-K and career counseling. This book showcases how fun a career in medicine can be!”


We love our jobs, and we love making children (and adults!) laugh – so we figured why not combine the two?

Rajeev Saxena

is a real-life Anesthesiologist Aardvark. When he is not helping Patient Penguin, he is an amateur wildlife documentarist, urban jalapeño farmer, and digital technology enthusiast. With degrees in bioengineering, management, and medicine, he has spent a LOT of years in school. He likes to utilize technology to improve health outcomes at a population level, and bring a smile to his fellow health care professionals!

Varun Bhartia

almost became a doctor, but stopped in the 3rd grade when he saw blood for the first time. Instead, he was inspired by Administrator Anaconda and Product Manager Panther and pursued a career in business, engineering, and creative book writing! He completed his MBA at Harvard, but learned the most by building products used by lots of people. He loves working in technology and making people laugh.

Raamin Mostaghimi

is a lover of dad jokes and new father. Contrary to his mom’s hopes and aspirations, he did not become a doctor. Instead, he completed his MBA at Harvard and became a management consultant. He achieved his goal of explaining his own job to his daughter with The ABCs of Consulting, and in the process realized there was a whole world of other professions out there to make fun of – so why stop at just one!


A special thank you to all of the doctors and health care professionals who helped us with this book!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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